Thursday, June 2, 2011

City of Bones

Once upon a time, a girl, bored out of her mind waiting for her mom to get off dialysis, got on a computer.

She stumbled upon a website dedicated to fanfictions in the Harry Potter fandom.

A huge Harry Potter fan, she began to sift through the stories, reading a couple here and there, waiting for something to catch her eye, entertain her.

She clicked one called 'Draco Dormiens'.

She was sucked into a very different but addicting Harry Potter world, filled with body-switches, love potions, history, romance, and hilarious quotes.

She was hooked, reading a little bit each day over the summer when she could.  It was with this story that a spark first ignited in her mind, giving light to an idea that would weave itself through her thoughts for years to come.

"I want to write a fanfiction."

Fast-forward.  The year is 2008.  The place is a High School library.  The subject?


Ok, if you didn't guess the story was about me by now, you really need to get with the program.

So yes, Cassandra Clare is a big reason I'm here today, typing this, writing Fanfictions, kidnapping fictional characters, etc.  Hers was the first fanfiction to draw me in and inspire me, and now I've sort of... Followed in her footsteps.

Yeah, like I'm that good.

But, I could hope that I'll be able to keep following.  I mean, look where she is now!  A WRITER!  The one thing I dream of being; published.  How awesome is that?

And I'm glad to see she's put her talent to good use.

City of Bones managed to suck me in like Draco Dormiens did years ago.  It had that same pace, then all those plot twists!  By the end, I didn't know what to think anymore!  I couldn't assume anything.  Actually, there were things that I had assumed correctly, but then something would happen that would have me second-guessing until the end, where I was proven right.  Usually, there are things in a book that I will safely be able to say, "Oh yeah, I know where this is going.", but with City of Bones, I was never sure.

Then, the characters.

Spoiler Warning.

Clary- Are you really that clueless, girl?!  CAN YOU NOT SEE WHAT SIMON IS TRYING TO DO?!  OPEN YOUR EYES!!  Ha, besides me yelling at her for her lack of talent in the dating area, I liked Clary.  She's just so normal, such a dork that I can relate to, then BAM!  Sucked into this crazy world of monsters and magic.  Her handling of the whole situation is very real and I love her perspective on things.  Girl's got spunk.

Jace- Wow.  So young, so hot, so funny, so single.  (Though I have a feeling that won't last.)  I love Jace, mostly for his quotes.  I was telling my co-worker, Niki, about him, and she made the comment that he reminded her of her fiancĂ©e, Jay (who made a cameo in 'Day of House Calls').  Since then, I haven't been able to stop making Jay/Jace comparisons.  They're sarcastic wit is so alike, it's like Cassie Clare was stalking Jay.  I'm seriously beginning to wonder about all of Jay's 'tattoos'...

Alec- ALEC, I LOVE YOU!!  From the second I read his name, I thought to myself, "I'm gonna love this guy."  And I was right.  Something about Alec is so endearing.  I want to hug him.  But he'd probably kill me.

Isabelle- So kick-ass.  I.  Want.  Her.  Whip.  Is that thing awesome or what?  Weapon and fashion statement all in one.  I love her attitude, like she owns the world or something.  And heck, she could.  Who would stop her?

Simon- Poor Simon.  Made fun of, turned into a rat, heart broken, etc.  But it seems to turn out ok for him in the end.  At least, things are looking up.  I love Simon.  Honestly, I probably like him better than Jace.  Yeah, Jace, shocking, I know.  But it's probably 'cause, hey, I'm a mundie.  And as awesome as Jace is, if I were given a choice between the two, I'd get along better with Simon's dorkiness.  Simon's just so... Real.

I could go on, but my hand'll start to hurt and I've still got more to say!

I caught at least two places where Cassandra Clare ripped stuff right out of her Fanfictions.  (I'm sure there were more, but I haven't read Draco Dormiens in so long, I need a refresher.)

First was one of the pins on Clary's bag.  It read, "Still Not King."  Don't know what that means?  Google 'Very Secret Diary of Aragorn.'  One of Cassie Clare's LOTR masterpieces.

Then, right out of Draco Dormiens, the story Jace told Clary about his pet falcon.  That was originally a story told by Draco about his father.  It must be so much fun to steal from yourself. :P

There's so much more I could say about this story.  About the unique plot and ideas, about the epic descriptions, my many favorite scenes and, of course, the shocking ending that has me going crazy to go out and grab the sequel, but... Don't want to dump too many spoilers.  :P

Let's just say...I can only dream I'll be able to write something half as good.

Thank you Cassandra Clare.  You're the reason I'm who I am today.

Thank you for helping to create Saint.

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